About Us
We feel highly enthusiastic in bringing before you the effort of a few genius minds in the form of International Journal .It is with great pleasure's present before you the efforts of a few genius in the form of International journal for science and emerging technologies with latest trends. Its motive  is to create awareness among people towards scientific attitude for the welfare of ecosystem and community. knowledge is undergoing change at a fast pace in many regions of the world and this many workers of the world are holding dialogue with the owners of traditional knowledge and trying to find methods as to how such knowledge is passed on to future generations.All those who are involved  directly or indirectly in this  noble attempt of serving the community are highly appreciated by us. Science transcends  all the barriers of nationality and belongs to the whole world . The presence of  science echo in all the activities of our lives, we are trying to possess more and more of power and self. For this,a quality of mind is required, we need  a mind  which leading to make discoveries.

The basic requirement of research is to do the work in right time, in the right way, to expect requirement to procure resources and then to recognize no hurdle/obstacle and finally to make circumstances yield. You the way reason rather than rule is the parameter of action and nothing short protection are satisfying. True researcher is one who can evaluate uncertain, hazardous and conflicting information. The true signs of a true researcher are curiosity, confidence, courage and constancy. Only the brave can tread the long path of research.
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